Windows – Directory structure treeview

Representing a directory structure recursively in treeview form is very useful as it helps in understanding the environmental setup in a better way. There are tools that can do it for you but here is a simple but very impressive MS-DOS command “TREE” that can do this for you. Its available in all version of Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7.


tree [Drive:][Path] [/f] [/a]

For example: The tree structure generated on executing the command at D:>tree /a is as follows

|   +---configuration
|   +---conventions
|   +---design
|   +---requirements
|   ---wireframes
|   +---branches
|   +---tags
|   ---trunk
    |   +---creative
    |   ---functional
    |       +---integration
    |       +---performance
    |       +---system
    |       ---unit



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