Automate URL-based sessions

Sometimes, its annoying that you do web login to a tool, do your stuff and while committing the changes your session expires; probably you need to do the same stuff again. And eventually then you realized that you haven’t done any activity on the Web page which is required to make your web session remain active.

God! can’t there be any automated way to open a url of this application once I login just for the sake to activating the session till my stuff is done. I just want to concerntrate on my stuff & not on the session of this tool.

Here’s a simple set of statements (DOS commands) that can help you out:

@echo off
echo "Setting up environment variables...please wait..."

::Set the path of browser executable file you would be using for opening up url
set browser="C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe"

::Set the url you need to open after specified time interval & with required number of iterations
set url=""

::Set number of iterations required
set iterations=10

::Set time interval (in seconds) required
set time=60

echo "Running the you go"
FOR /L %%i IN (1,1,%iterations%) DO ( 
%browser% %url%
sleep %time%
echo "Your iterations has been completed, press Enter to close this window."

Once you login to the web tool and lands on the default home page, copy the URL (of homepage) in the script here.

Apart from this, the browser & time interval settings are configurable here based on your preference & scenario.

Last step, save it as a batch file (say sample.bat) and double-click on it and you are done.


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