Improve Brand Site – Target Personas

“Branding though your website” is one of the most effective way these days. The task needs a vision to satisfy different parameters in order to built an effective brand site. Target actors or personas is one of the simplest method to identify the parameters here. Each persona looks at the brand site with his unique perspective & thus a key driver to an effective building.

The persona here can be:

  1. Business User: These user are more interested in site contents (copies & its correctness), navigation overall response time, multi-channel delivery (support for multiple browsers or devices), usability & accessibility. Information architects plays a key role here.
  2. Creative User: These user are actually designers who layout the designs & look n feel of the overall site that of course captures the requirements of Business Users through his creative designs thereby ensuring proper rendering in multiple devices, font rendering as per brand definition, photography & retina displays, page layouts & navigation method.
  3. Technologist: These are the implementers of the whole picture & includes a team of HTML developers, Backend developers (.NET/JAVA/PHP/Third Party product) & QA persons. They are responsible for all technical issues like caching, performance, implementing modern tools, libraries, frameworks, validations etc.
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