Day CMS: Architecture Stack

Adobe’s Day CQ5 is based on below underlying technologies including:

Apache Sling – web application framework for content-centric applications, using a JavaContent Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit or CRX. It is based on REST principles to provide easy development of content-oriented applications.

OSGi (Apache Felix) – an application framework & dynamic module system for Java that allows the bundles to be loaded, and installed, during normal operations.

Java Content Repository (CRX) – A specification which tells how we can manage our data (that includes images, text files, string, long to everything else…) as structured node.

Below is the architectural stack of Adobe’s Day CQ:

Servlet Engine (CQSE) – The Servlet Engine acts as the server within which each CQ (and CRX if used) instance runs as a web application.


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