Why target Organic SEO?

Organic SEO refers to is your attempt to appear within the listings in the main area of Google’s (or any other search engines’) search results, and preferably, on the first page. These listings show up in the center of your screen directly on search results & is most preferable place where every business wants to appear. The listings constituting (page title, link and small description)  are displayed based on Google’s natural algorithm to rank pages. These search results cannot be paid for but can be targeted through on-page contents & meta information.

On contrary, Paid results include “Ad related to ‘search term’”. These are paid placements and search engines are paid for every click. For example, Google’s advertising program “Adwords”.

Organic SEO techniques achieve long-lasting results since high search engine ranking is based on the positive response of execution of search engine algorithm to the real page content.

Benefits of Organic SEO:

  1. People click more on organic search results – people, may be subconsciously, feels search results are more reliable & targets the end requirement correctly.
  2. The cost of organic SEO is a lot less compared to paid search engine placements – its a one time investment. Paid placements incur you recurring costs.
  3. Organic SEO forces you to create great content/meta information – if content must be well-written, user-friendly and of value, it automatically improves your conversion rate and encourages more people to come to your website/blog genuinely.
  4. Organic SEO is long-lasting – improving you page rank through good content will help you beat competitors & thus have long lasting impact.

Some techniques for Organic SEO are writing relevant to target correct audience, keyword analysis, link building (to improve popularity), making website indexable (in particularly Flash websites), on-page optimization & sitemaps.


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