Create Website for creating “First Impression”

“People sometimes talk about the power of first impressions, and believe me, there is truth to it.”

Its takes just a fraction of second for a potential client to form a first impression of your brand when viewing your website. So, your website needs to be competent enough to pass that quick judgement call. So each and every area of your website that viewer glances over the first should look compelling and able to lay a lasting impression on viewers’ mind.

Some key areas that drew the most interest from participating viewers are:

  1. The BRAND logo – design & placement
  2. Main Navigation (part of header) – its ease & usability
  3. Search option
  4. Sites’ main image (hero image) –  may be carousal/slider
  5. Content copy– short, precise & provide a good glimpse of your brand, products or services.
  6. Social links –  helps viewer to stay in touch with your brand through Social media. A critical area in digital marketing today to generate leads.
  7. Bottom of website – any disclaimer, footer links, copyright messages etc.

Apart from the above the other non-functional but important eye-catching assets are:

  1. Color combination (or theme) -Participants draws to pleasant & attractive colors, easy-to-read text color contrast.
  2. Font – must be easy-to-read and if possible somewhat related to type of business you do.
  3. Image – Viewers prefers relevant, appropriate & favorable images.

It’s all about creating experiences. The longer the participants stayed on your page & gets engaged, the more favorable their impressions would be.

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