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With everybody thrilled about India’s performance so far in ICC World Cup 2015, Team India surely grabbed everybody’s attention in our daily talks. But this is not about how well Team India played in first two matches against Pakistan & South Africa. Another hot topic that definitely win our “Mauka Mauka” ads.

Yes, what a timing and how these Mauka Mauka are crafted and broadcasted across various TV channels is commendable. Being aligned one-after another in a sequence that depicts a beautiful Storyline.

The storyline that

  1. Nicely provides history about how teams performed in past World Cup & other league tournaments matches.
  2. Then, mindset of teams in current WC 2015
  3. And how they want to drive the WC 2015 matches.

At the same time, they are short, sweet & comic. Not only this, these Ads keeps the audiences very well engaged and let them go in a mode “What will come NEXT!!“.

To make the things more relishes, the storyline and idea changes as the tournament progresses and we got the match results. This Ad gets funnier by the day. HATS off to the Star Sports’ Mauka Mauka ad. Great idea and improvisation to this Marketing Strategy. The social counters for these videos clearly shows how well the Marketing Strategy performed. These videos already grabbed some hefty amount of Views/Likes/Shares/Re-Tweets across Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

After IND Vs PAK match

Before IND Vs SA match

Before IND Vs SA match – spoof

After IND Vs SA match

Don’t know whether Team India will win WC 2015 or not, but these Mauka Mauka ads surely got 10 on 10 score. Lets’ see what come next following UAE Vs India match.

Stay tuned for next Mauka Mauka action!!


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