Marketing technology (martech) stack is the collection of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct, optimize and augment their marketing processes throughout the customer lifecycle. Rapidly evolving Martech landscape along with hundreds of different solution providers crowding, it’s essential for marketers to have a clear understanding of which technologies are most fundamental to their business goals.

Here are comparative details of offering from top Martech solution providers that targets multi-solution approach to Martech space:


Martech Solution
Content Management System (CMS) Adobe Experience Manager Sites (AEM)
Adobe Experience Manager Assets (DAM)
Salesforce CMS SharePoint Sitecore Experience Platform
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Web Analytics Adobe Analytics
Customer Journey Analytics (AEP)

Integration with Google Analytics 360
Integration with Google Analytics 360
Google Analytics 360 Sitecore xDB Tracking Tealeaf
Onsite Personalization Adobe Target Interaction Studio Optimize 360 Personalize Personalization
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Sales Cloud Dynamics 365
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM
Data Management Platform (DMP) Adobe Audience Manager Audience Studio
Campaign Journeys / Marketing Automation

Adobe Campaign Classic

Adobe Campaign Standard
Adobe Marketo Engage (B2B)
Journey Orchestration (AJO)

Marketing Cloud (SFMC) D365 Marketing Sitecore Send Campaign
Customer Data Platform (CDP) Experience Platform (AEP) – Real time CDP Customer 360 Customer Insights Sitecore Customer Data Platform Acoustic Exchange
Tag Manager Adobe Launch
Integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM)
Tag Manager 360 Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging
AI/ML Support Sensei Datorama
Einstein Marketing Insights
Microsoft’s AI Vertex AI Sitecore Cortex Insights
Recommendation Engine Adobe Target – Recommendations Einstein Recommendation Builder Sitecore Cortex – Custom Integration
Reporting & Visualization Adobe Analytics Tableau Power BI Data Studio Sitecore Cortex™ Reporting Foundation Digital Analytics
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