Proxy Server: Forward Vs Reverse

forward reverse proxy

Proxy server is an intermediary server or application that intercepts the requests for resource from client (browser) and forward them to appropriate server (File server or Web server) with aim to provide enhanced security and lessen network traffic. Depending upon the configuration and requirement they are mainly classified as: Forward Proxy: is the most common form …

Informational: Custom image thumbnail while sharing URL on Facebook

Looking for changing the thumbnail image while sharing your website or blog link  or Customizing the default thumbnail each time on Facebook?? You can do it by adding a simple meta tag in your page’s header section. Your meta tag should look like this:

As per Facebook’s guidelines, your custom image should be more …

RACI Matrix : Effective & Formal way for clarifying roles and responsibilities

RACI is an acronym that stands the four key responsibilities: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed; also know as responsibility assignment matrix. Its a formal way for establishing role for each stakeholder especially when multiple parties or processes are involved. Responsibilties: Responsible: The person who is assigned to do the work. Accountable: The person who has …

Informational: Handle Incorrect Phishing Warning

We were reported a strange request today where some of user opening a valid legitimate web page were shown Phishing Warning message; though issue was not reproducible are our end. We checked across Chrome, FF, IE browsers and it seems working fine. On the other side, in order to provide a valid reasoning to the …

C# Extension method: Searching lines containing specific string

Searching for lines in text file containing a specific string can be very handy with below code snippet. This method is very optimal specially if we are accessing log/error/access files.


The method can be further improvised to search lines in text files with in a directory containing the specific string.