Font issue on Email & Landing pages – Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Standard comes up with a functionality to directly upload HTML as zip folder package. The .zip folder containing the HTML file, the style sheet (.CSS) and the image with css and images being referenced with relative location.

Check out: Uploading HTML content

The functionality works very well except the custom font issue where fonts are internally referenced through CSS.

Had it been Adobe Campaign Classic, you can upload the font inside Public Resources section and then use the MD5 path/url of that font on the CSS. But in case of Adobe Campaign Standard where as of now there is no direct way to host custom static assets like images, js, fonts and images that can be referenced from EDMs and Landing pages, this seems to be a bummer.

Well, the solution is pretty simple and is just two step process to address this font issue:

  1. Host fonts on publicly accessible website (ideally you brand website) and use those public URLs directly in CSS.
  2. You need to CORS enable the ACS environment domains for your account on web server where you have uploaded the fonts. CORS is a way for a remote host to control access to certain types of resources. This will need a bit of Infra team support. Check out: Cross Domain Fonts
Font referenced in CSS through public urls

Once you are done with these steps, ACS delivered EDMs and landing pages will automatically pick the fonts.

There are few other benefits of using this approach:

  1. The assets like fonts, logo images, base css files, etc. are more branding specific assets and should be kept and referenced from single location. This will help in easy update the branding across whole online channels with minimal changes and quicker turnaround.
  2. Moving HTML or code packages are easy since internally the URL are no more ACS environment dependent. So, EDMs and landing pages still renders correctly if we move them from Staging to Production environment.
  3. We can reuse these public hosted URLs in other EDMs and landing pages and thus won’t need to upload copies of same asset again and again. So, we can achieve reusability in this way.


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