Master These 20 Liquid Scripting Solutions on Braze for Ultimate Success

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Braze is a powerful customer engagement platform that allows marketers to create personalized and dynamic messaging experiences. Liquid scripting, a versatile templating language, is integral to achieving this personalization. However, certain use cases can be quite challenging to implement effectively. This blog explores the top 20 most challenging solutions using Liquid scripting on Braze, providing detailed use case definitions, approaches, and implementation solutions to help you navigate these complexities. By exploring these top solutions, you will gain insights into effectively leveraging Liquid for enhanced personalization, ensuring your messaging strategies are both impactful and efficient.

1. Multi-Step Conditional Logic

Use Case Definition: Implement multi-step conditional logic to create highly customized user experiences.

Approach: Use nested if statements and logical operators to evaluate multiple conditions and personalize content based on complex user data.


{% if user.subscription_status == 'premium' %}
  {% if user.last_purchase_date %}
    <p>Thank you for your recent purchase! As a premium member, you get an extra discount on your next purchase.</p>
  {% else %}
    <p>Thank you for being a premium member! Explore our exclusive deals.</p>
  {% endif %}
{% else %}
  <p>Upgrade to premium to enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits!</p>
{% endif %}

2. Dynamic Nested Loops

Use Case Definition: Render complex data structures, such as nested lists or objects, dynamically within your content.

Approach: Use nested for loops to iterate through multiple layers of data and display nested elements appropriately.


{% for category in user.favorite_categories %}
  <h2>{{ }}</h2>
    {% for item in category.items %}
      <li>{{ }} - {{ item.price | currency }}</li>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

3. Real-Time Data Filtering

Use Case Definition: Filter and display data in real-time based on user actions or updated data sets.

Approach: Use Liquid filters and conditional statements to dynamically adjust the displayed data.


{% assign filtered_items = user.cart_items | where: "price", ">", 50 %}
<p>Items in your cart over $50:</p>
  {% for item in filtered_items %}
    <li>{{ }} - {{ item.price | currency }}</li>
  {% endfor %}

4. Complex Date Calculations

Use Case Definition: Perform advanced date calculations for personalized time-sensitive content, like countdowns or anniversary messages.

Approach: Use Liquid’s date filters and arithmetic operations to calculate and format dates dynamically.


{% assign signup_date = user.signup_date | date: '%s' %}
{% assign current_date = 'now' | date: '%s' %}
{% assign days_since_signup = (current_date | minus: signup_date) | divided_by: 86400 %}
<p>It's been {{ days_since_signup }} days since you joined us!</p>

5. Dynamic API Responses

Use Case Definition: Integrate dynamic data from external APIs into your Braze campaigns.

Approach: Fetch data from an external API and use Liquid to parse and display the relevant information.


{% assign api_response = '{"weather": "sunny", "temperature": 75}' | parse_json %}
<p>Today's weather: {{ }}, Temperature: {{ api_response.temperature }}°F</p>

6. Personalized Recommendations Based on Multiple Criteria

Use Case Definition: Provide personalized product or content recommendations based on a combination of user preferences and behaviors.

Approach: Use Liquid to evaluate multiple user attributes and display tailored recommendations.


{% if user.age > 25 and user.interests contains 'technology' %}
  <p>We recommend these latest tech gadgets just for you:</p>
  <!-- Display tech products -->
{% elsif user.age <= 25 and user.interests contains 'fashion' %}
  <p>Check out these trendy fashion items:</p>
  <!-- Display fashion products -->
{% else %}
  <p>Explore our most popular products:</p>
  <!-- Display general products -->
{% endif %}

7. Geo-Targeted Content Customization

Use Case Definition: Customize content based on the user’s geographical location for more relevant messaging.

Approach: Use Liquid to detect and adjust content according to the user’s location data.


{% if == 'AU' %}
  <p>Enjoy free shipping within the Australia!</p>
{% elsif == 'NZ' %}
  <p>Enjoy free shipping within New Zealand!</p>
{% else %}
  <p>International shipping rates apply.</p>
{% endif %}

8. Dynamic Form Fields

Use Case Definition: Create forms with fields that change dynamically based on user input or attributes.

Approach: Use Liquid to conditionally render form fields and pre-fill data based on user information.


<label for="email">Email:</label>
<input type="email" id="email" name="email" value="{{ }}" required>

{% if user.preferred_contact_method == 'phone' %}
<label for="phone">Phone Number:</label>
<input type="tel" id="phone" name="phone" value="{{ }}">
{% endif %}

<button type="submit">Submit</button>

9. Advanced Error Handling

Use Case Definition: Implement sophisticated error handling to manage data inconsistencies and enhance user experience.

Approach: Use Liquid to detect errors and display user-friendly messages or alternative content.


{% if %}
  <p>Your email address: {{ }}</p>
{% else %}
  <p>We couldn't retrieve your email address. Please update your profile information.</p>
{% endif %}

10. Adaptive Content Based on Device Type

Use Case Definition: Adjust content presentation based on the user’s device type for optimal viewing experiences.

Approach: Use Liquid to detect the user’s device and customize the content layout accordingly.


{% if user.device == 'mobile' %}
  <p>View our mobile-friendly content:</p>
  <!-- Mobile content here -->
{% else %}
  <p>View our desktop-friendly content:</p>
  <!-- Desktop content here -->
{% endif %}

11. Conditional Logic with External Data

Use Case Definition: Integrate external data sources to enhance conditional logic for user personalization.

Approach: Use Liquid to pull in external data and apply it within conditional statements to customize content.


{% assign external_data = '{"loyalty_status": "gold"}' | parse_json %}
{% if external_data.loyalty_status == 'gold' %}
  <p>Thank you for being a Gold member! Enjoy exclusive perks.</p>
{% else %}
  <p>Join our loyalty program to unlock exclusive benefits.</p>
{% endif %}

12. Personalized Milestone Celebrations

Use Case Definition: Celebrate user milestones with personalized messages.

Approach: Use Liquid to calculate and display user-specific milestones such as anniversaries or usage streaks.


{% assign signup_date = user.signup_date | date: '%s' %}
{% assign current_date = 'now' | date: '%s' %}
{% assign days_since_signup = (current_date | minus: signup_date) | divided_by: 86400 %}
{% if days_since_signup == 365 %}
  <p>Happy 1-year anniversary, {{ user.first_name }}!</p>
{% endif %}

13. Time-Sensitive Offers

Use Case Definition: Create time-sensitive offers to instill urgency and drive conversions.

Approach: Use Liquid to calculate the remaining time for an offer and dynamically display a countdown.


{% assign offer_end_date = '2024-07-01' | date: '%s' %}
{% assign current_date = 'now' | date: '%s' %}
{% assign seconds_left = offer_end_date | minus: current_date %}
{% assign days_left = seconds_left | divided_by: 86400 %}
<p>Only {{ days_left }} days left to grab this offer!</p>

14. User Behavior-Based Content

Use Case Definition: Customize content based on user behaviors, such as browsing history or in-app actions.

Approach: Use Liquid to track and evaluate user actions, dynamically adjusting the content accordingly.


{% if user.last_viewed_product %}
  <p>Since you checked out {{ user.last_viewed_product }}, you might also like these:</p>
  <!-- Related product recommendations -->
{% endif %}

15. Dynamic Surveys and Polls

Use Case Definition: Create dynamic surveys or polls that adapt based on user responses or attributes.

Approach: Use Liquid to conditionally display survey questions and pre-fill user data.


  <label for="q1">How satisfied are you with our service?</label>
  <input type="range" id="q1" name="q1" min="1" max="10" value="{{ user.satisfaction_score }}">
  {% if user.satisfaction_score > 8 %}
    <label for="q2">What did you like the most?</label>
    <input type="text" id="q2" name="q2">
  {% endif %}
  <button type="submit

16. Real-Time Personalization Based on In-App Events

Use Case Definition: Adjust messaging and offers in real-time based on in-app events, such as completed actions or milestones.

Approach: Use Liquid to evaluate in-app event data and dynamically adjust content accordingly.


{% if user.last_event_name == 'level_up' %}
  <p>Congratulations on leveling up! Here’s a reward for your achievement:</p>
  <!-- Display reward details -->
{% endif %}

17. Multi-Language Support

Use Case Definition: Create content that supports multiple languages based on user preferences or location.

Approach: Use Liquid to detect user language preferences and display content in the appropriate language.


{% if user.language == 'es' %}
  <p>Bienvenido a nuestra tienda!</p>
{% elsif user.language == 'fr' %}
  <p>Bienvenue dans notre magasin!</p>
{% else %}
  <p>Welcome to our store!</p>
{% endif %}

18. Personalized Product Bundles

Use Case Definition: Create dynamic product bundles personalized based on user preferences and past purchases.

Approach: Use Liquid to evaluate user purchase history and generate personalized product bundle recommendations.


{% assign preferred_category = user.preferred_category %}
<p>Based on your interest in {{ preferred_category }}, we recommend this exclusive bundle:</p>
<!-- Display product bundle details -->

19. Context-Aware Messaging

Use Case Definition: Deliver context-aware messaging that adapts based on user actions and engagement history.

Approach: Use Liquid to analyze user interaction data and tailor messages to reflect their current context and engagement.


{% if user.last_login == 'today' %}
  <p>Welcome back! Here’s what’s new since your last visit:</p>
  <!-- Display new features or updates -->
{% else %}
  <p>We’ve missed you! Here’s what you’ve missed:</p>
  <!-- Display updates since last login -->
{% endif %}

20. Advanced Segmentation

Use Case Definition: Implement advanced segmentation logic to create highly targeted messaging for specific user groups.

Approach: Use Liquid to combine multiple user attributes and behaviors to define segments and deliver targeted content.


{% if user.age > 30 and user.purchase_history contains 'premium' %}
  <p>As a valued premium member over 30, we have an exclusive offer for you:</p>
  <!-- Display targeted offer -->
{% elsif user.age <= 30 and user.purchase_history contains 'basic' %}
  <p>Upgrade to premium and enjoy exclusive benefits:</p>
  <!-- Display upgrade offer -->
{% else %}
  <p>Explore our range of products tailored just for you:</p>
  <!-- Display general product recommendations -->
{% endif %}

Liquid scripting in Braze offers powerful capabilities for creating personalized and dynamic content. However, implementing these solutions can be challenging. By understanding and applying the detailed use cases, approaches, and implementation solutions provided, you can overcome these challenges and enhance your customer engagement strategies.


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