Informational: Custom image thumbnail while sharing URL on Facebook

Looking for changing the thumbnail image while sharing your website or blog link  or Customizing the default thumbnail each time on Facebook?? You can do it by adding a simple meta tag in your page’s header section. Your meta tag should look like this:

As per Facebook’s guidelines, your custom image should be more …

Open Url from Command prompt?

Thinking of scripting a way to open URL directly from command script of batch file?? Here is a cool way to open the URLs, type below rundll32 command on the prompt on Windows machine & press Enter: rundll32 url.dll, FileProtocolHandler “” References: Enjoy!!

Get Absolute URL – Web Application

Getting fully qualified absolute path of ASP.NET application is always tricky and problem arises when code moves across various platform. Hard coding the Application Path is no where a good solution here. The URL syntax is:

Two solutions that you can look for in such scenarios: 1. Add an entry in your web.config file …

Upload Binary data as HTTP POST

Below is the ASP.NET C# implementation of Uploading binary data like images as POST request to target URL:

The binary data so posted can be retrieved on target post URL using below code:

This scenario is very handy specifically in establishing communication between two different web technologies. For example: You can POST image …