6-step way to test / send emailers

With increased options for web based email clients along with email client software, we need to take extra for not only creating a well-formatted emailer that works well across all channels, but same caution is required while testing or sending them especially when images are also embedded in the emailers.

Here are simple 6-step process that can help you out:

  1. Open the emailer HTML file (with images) in browser (IE or FF).
  2. Press [Ctrl + A] followed by [Ctrl + C] on the browser with HTML file opened. This will copy the images along with contents in clipboard.
  3. Open a new message window in Outlook. Make sure the format of mail is HTML (from Format Text Tab)
  4. Make any change in subject line, if required and press [Ctrl + S] to save the emailer in Draft and close the message window.
  5. Now, go to Drafts section, select the emailer draft by single clicking & press [Ctrl + C] again without opening it.
  6. Go to desktop and press [Ctrl + S], this will create .msg file with images embedded.
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