Web Video Analytics for YouTube, Vimeo & BrightCove channels

Videos are undoubtedly the most powerful type of media and the most engaging form of content till date. Leveraging web video analytics is important to analyze video performance which helps in understanding behavioral pattern of intended audience and maximizing video engagement. Metrics like Unique Viewers, Total Video Views, Audience Size during a Time Span, Play Duration with Demographic options like Audience Age, Geography, Device & Browser and ratios on these metrics can really help optimizing the viewing experience & video engagement.

Most of good brand video channels like YouTube, Vimeo, BrightCove provides APIs that helps in tracking events (like video load, start, stop & pause) & setting up appropriate variables (like Page name, Video name)  that can help us in tracking videos and their engagements. We can use these APIs irrespective of our preferred Analytics tool like Google Analytics, Site Catalyst etc.


Below are code snippets that can help us do Video tracking on various brand channels:


To enable the JavaScript API for a player, add the URL parameter enablejsapi=1
to the player’s URL. For example:


To make this work, your must explicitly enable Enable ActionScript/JavaScript APIs for respective BrightCove player. You can find this setting under Web Settings option.



To turn the API on, add api=1 to the URL of the iframe, like this:

Further, you’ll need to be running on a web server instead of opening the file directly in your browser. Flash and JS security restrictions will prevent Vimeo API from working when run locally.

You would need to make sure you’re including the jQuery library for these code snippets.